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    Jessica Clower

    For those who were not at this recent gather, The Undersea has died. Vathriagni has been destroyed. And now this Forest is in danger.

    I do not want to go into a lot of details at this time, but I do want to make sure that some very important information is shared.

    First: We were duped. The leader of the Deepwater Apsara played a bit of a shell game with his true intentions. Whether he would admit to it or not, he was a Cycle Breaker. He very carefully hid from us that he intended to destroy Vathriagni, in the belief that her destruction would save our world

    Second: We were missing a vital piece of information. Vathriagni was a piece of a larger spirit named The Lady of the Western Ocean. She was something called a “terrestrial fulcrum” and she was vital to the Forest. a long, long time ago, the Ounish took The Lady and tore a piece from her. That piece was used to create the Idol of Forbidden Knowledge. What remained of The Lady found her way to an ocean world and became the whirlpool that her children would come to call Vathriagni. While we knew of the Lady’s existence due to research done regarding the Idol, it was not uncovered until too late that she and Vathriagni were one being. The White City knew this, but in their confusion at a terrestrial fulcrum being in another world, they either chose to withhold the information from us, or simply neglected to mention it.

    Now, a brief rundown of what occurred in the Greater Working.
    Water spirits attacked and tried to stop us. Individuals from The Complex were also present, as they were interested in obtaining both Varunastra and The Lady.
    The leader of the Deepwater Apsara (I will refer to him as DA, as I have forgotten his name) performed the Working successfully and the Spirit appeared before us. She was hurt and frightened. When we called her Vathriagni, she screamed at us that it was not her name. Through soft words and offerings of joss, I was able to get close enough to speak to her and ask her name. When she answered that her name was “The Lady” things began to fall in place in my mind. She was terrified of DA, as the working gave him additional strength, and he was wielding a weapon designed to destroy spirits.
    With the Princess’s help, I was able to assure The Lady that we would retrieve her missing piece. That we knew where it was, but we were unable to get to it at that moment. I do believe that if we have been able to keep DA away from her, I could have soothed her and convinced her to take shelter in Undersea until we could retrieve the Idol and cleanse it before returning it to her. I kept myself between her and DA as much as I was able. I begged him to step back, that we could manage this peacefully, but he would not listen.
    When he finally struck at her using Varunastra, I missed stepping between them by less than a breath. I could feel the slight breeze as the spear passed under my arm, an inch from my body, as it dealt a blow from which she could not recover. The excess of magical invigoration from the greater working drove DA a little mad at that point and I heard that he began attacking the town in his frenzy.
    I will admit, my recollection of anything beyond The Lady is hazy during the moments after she was struck. I know that I was hit by something and stabilized. That I crawled my way back to The Lady’s side and sat there helplessly as she slowly turned to seafoam.

    This is not over. The Lady’s destruction has left a void of power here in the Forest. It must be filled, and soon. It will take research to find what steps need to be taken. Whoever takes up this project, please let me know, and you will have my assistance. I am only a small scholar, but I am very good at helping.

    We also need someone with diplomatic skills to visit the White City. Ravanavati had worked with them to assist the in rescue of the those trapped on Shellback while the whirlpool was restarting. We may have just enough time to allow for this to still happen before Undersea is gone. I have no skill in this area, and no funds to offer, but I would be grateful beyond words to whoever does this.

    Thank you, again, to everyone who helped us last night. We did the very best we could with the information that we had. We all truly believed we were doing what was right and good. I do not fault anyone for things going completely sideways on us.
    I am going to be stepping away for a few days, to process things quietly on my own. I will be easily reachable via private channels, should anyone have anything they wish to say to or ask of me. But I will not be frequently visiting the tree, so responses here may be slow.

    I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship.
    I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings.
    Let us work together for unity and love.


    Bryan Roberts

    I take full responsibility for having the ability to not allow what happened come to pass. I had to concentrate on the words Justice had told me that there was a lie told and I fully intended to look further into those words. However, when translating the words to Srastivasi, I got caught up in the chaos of the whole situation and let the concern for my fellow townsfolk take over and did not look into those words. I am so sorry for having this ability to have a higher power tell me something and not be able to act on them. I will take full responsibility for this and will take any criticism that may come my way. I am truly sorry my fellow Apsara and townsfolk. I should have done more.


    Akhtosh, I have criticized you on many occasions. You bear a lot of weight — both the responsibility of the Virtuous power within you, and now, the death of your homeworld. But this town needs a leader. Not in word, but deed; not a signature scrawled across official documents, but in a source of goodness, a positive beacon of power for us to rally around. If you truly are the scion of Justice, then you wield a power no living member of Defiance could hope to understand. Do not let another travesty befall this town.

    The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard

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