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    Murphy Maddox

    Ok, Defiance –

    I was away gather-before-last, but during last gather I heard multiple people mention the phrase “The Third Failing” or, worse, “The Third Failing Is the End” from visions and the like.

    Has anyone put their heads together to have a think about this, or spent time researching it?

    Given recent events, this certainly sounds ominous. Visions aren’t my baliwick; I’m more of a “drunken opium-dream”-type person, but this sounds like something we might should make a priority to look at. If I can get a couple other smart or magicky-type folks together at the start of next gather, I want to make looking at this a priority.

    What do we know about the phrase, besides it showing up in one or more visions/being uttered by The Man Under The Mountain?

    Inspector Geieresmythe


    I have begun researching this, but progress has been difficult.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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