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    Skipper Turner

    I just wanted to list out the people we met from this other world that is bumping into ours.

    1) Bogies: We met one named Ash, and he says he is from some swampy bog world. Bogies are similar to Folk in that they can have wings and or pointed ears, and they also have glittery skin.

    2) Wizards: I was told about this person, didn’t actually meet them, but they call themselves wizards and if someone who knows more could tell me, that would be great.

    3) Cultists of the Undergods: I really don’t know a lot about these people, other than their magic is terrible, and they vomit maggots to heal people. I talked to one who said he was from a place called Remenia, in the Four Monarchies.

    4) Soul Merchants: Gust of Crimson spoke to the one that appeared on Sunday, and said they are beings who cannot lie, and made deals with people who were truly wicked or truly good to obtain their soul. Gust said we didn’t have anything to worry about, as our souls weren’t interesting to her.

    Please note on here if anything is incorrect or you have more information​ to add.

    Crane Odari

    Are the little Red Horned People like the Big ones? Because I harvested the Horns off a Big One to show what Happens when you Attack my Town.

    (All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)

    Skipper Turner

    I’m not sure, Gust said something to the effect that the little horned ones were related, but more like cousins that you don’t talk about or acknowledge. He said the one we met named Lilith didn’t want to talk about them.

    Abby Peterson

    The Wizard lady had a hat like a gnome’s but wasn’t a gnome. She didn’t go through a door or anything either. She was just sitting in her study one minute and then the next she was here. She said she came from a magic school, “The Academy”.

    The terrible woman made of fire seemed similar, but without the hat. She also used spells that sounded very much like an incantation that the Fragile used to protect Acanthus and I once. So there’s a connection there, but I’m not sure what.

    – Louise

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    Priscilla Weber

    I met the Wizard, she didn’t remember much of the ordeal, but really enjoyed reading, so I sent her to the Library.

    During the fighting after feast, I fought against many of the cultists. One managed to pour maggots into my open wounds, stabilizing me. While fanatical, and clearly calling upon a higher power of some sort, I was thanked for putting him out of his misery. I am not sure as to why someone so devoted would show so much happiness about their final moments, unless they truely weren’t happy serving their master.

    There was a lot of Fire magic being thrown, and I was chewed upon by a slower moving abomination. Arrowood, Dimitri, and Pompon have more information on this, as he was infested with this new Plague we had heard of.

    Further documentation will be added to the Field Notes of the Legion.


    All posts before 8/1/19 are written by Aurelia, Former Lord Commander of the Duskwatch Legion, the last Soldier of the Dark Mountains

    Skipper Turner

    Just a thought, but is it possible for the magics of these Undersoul worlds be taught in the Forest? I’m not asking to learn, some of the spells were atrocious, but Tacita’s Forces have been known to abduct occultists and force them to teach them various magic schools. An example would be when they captured a Mysteries of Flame and Iron Initiate.

    Abby Peterson

    I don’t know, but I can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t? I mean, it’s a source of power that’s new.
    We’ll have to watch out.


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