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    Abby Peterson

    Hey all,

    So, keeping people up on the news – I was able to talk to Little Girl and help her understand how she hurt Thog by stealing his strength away. It was an emergency: She was taken prisoner and scared and didn’t realize what she’d done. It ended up breaking both of them and destabilized her, to the point where she saw the Nightmares that flocked to her as friends. Thankfully, that’s fixed and they are both coming back to themselves. I repeat – she’s okay! Don’t hurt her, please.

    That said, the Nightmares in her old motley are really angry. They are likely to be more hostile than usual, especially to me, and they may follow Thog and Little Girl into town when they come to see us. I guess I’m saying – Be ready for a fight. It may not come, but I don’t want folks caught without warning.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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