The Death of the Confessor of Brutal Sins and Fall of the Chiaroscurian Defiles

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    Priscilla Weber

    Jacob is correct. The events of this last gather were exceedingly tragic, but ultimately we accomplished our goal, if not surpassed it.

    Tacita’s influence on the Forest has been permanently removed, and the last of the Confessor’s forces disbanded. We received aid not only from our allies, but also our enemies. Denna and Aiko returned to fulfill their oaths of destroying Lady Tacita together with fiery rebirth and tsunami. The Eye of Truth was provided by Elothiamel the Grasping. Mimi’s grandson led Nightmares into one of the enemy platoons. The Hidden Justice Master protected locals from unnecessary casualties. Enoch, Nimue, and myself accepted assistance from Lady Divia herself. A Nightkeeper priest sent Shadows after the remnants and stragglers.

    The entirety of the Duskwatch Legion was wiped out, to the man, with the exception of Damien who was somehow aided by Petalwing. Aktosh and Arrowood laid the slain to rest. Any remaining defectors may take up arms with other factions, disappear into the Forest, or join the small village north of Defiance with others from their world. Additionally the link between the Forest and the Chiaroscurian Defiles has been permanently severed, thus hopefully preventing any further influence from Dark Lords, Light Lords, Nightkeepers, or Dawnbringers.

    Enoch may share his own tales of the Shadow that lives within him once he recuperates from the change.

    Elothiamel is aware of the events that have transpired, as he was watching through the Eye of Truth.

    I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your services, your trust, and your companionship during the past months. While the Legion succeeded in accomplishing what we originally set out to do, there were untold losses on all sides. I will be holding a memorial service the first night of our next full gather in the absence of the light of the moon. For what better way to say our farewells than in the darkness where it all began?

    At this time, the Duskwatch Legion is no more, and this service will be my final act as a Lord Commander. I will remain in Defiance until such a time as my life is forfeit, or my life debts are repaid to the those who fell.

    Thank you.


    All posts before 8/1/19 are written by Aurelia, Former Lord Commander of the Duskwatch Legion, the last Soldier of the Dark Mountains

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