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    Kaeli Chambers

    Hi everyone!

    So, I wanted to write again concerning the Dream Circle and kind of put the sign-up forms in a much easier to find location. I will keep all my discussion about what is going on with the sign-ups and such to this section.

    Dream Circle Sign-up Form

    See you soon!

    Kaeli Chambers

    January 2017 Gather

    Well, sign-ups are open right now, I ill not be pulling from the sign-up list for this gather.

    I am looking to conduct a bit of an experiment with the Circle this gather as I am curious how it will react here if only Dreamers are in it, especially those that still have a strong tied to the Dream. Currently, this would be Auggie and myself. If any new Dreamers arrive they will be brought in too if they so desire.

    I will still assemble a list of alternates. And of course if something becomes crucial and the experiment need to be delayed to another gather, we’ll do so. After this, we’ll be back to the usual rotation as has been established previously.

    Kaeli Chambers

    Okay so the experiment may not be this gather! Auggie just told me that he’s going to have limited availability for it and may miss it. As such.. please sign up if you want to serve as the backup if it rolls around to time and Auggie isn’t here.

    Crane Odari

    Considering this spell Always makes Bad Guys appear we should remind Everyone that the Bad Guys are Fake and it’s ok to Hit them. They just try to Talk sometimes and be Mean but you can Hit them to Feel Better.

    (All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)

    Kaeli Chambers

    Clover, I’d like to point out that they aren’t fake. They are very real. If they were fake, then the harm they cause would pass away when the dreams ended. Now, yes, if they come looking like friends then they are not exactly who they appear to be.

    Kaeli Chambers

    March 2017 Gather

    As the Experiment did get to happen last gather, those who were set to be a part of the Circle if the experiment did not happen will be the Chosen for this gather.

    This list includes:
    Wisteria Fern
    Inspector Geieresmythe
    Dmitri Bonemender
    Enoch (As an Alternate)

    This will nearly empty the signup box of everyone who has not yet had a chance to participate. If you wish to have a spot, please do sign up. Remember, those that have not been in there will have priority in most cases.

    Kaeli Chambers

    Sign ups are a go! If you want to take part, please fill out the form provided and drop it in the box. Currently there is a very high chance that you’ll be chosen if you have not been part of it before and you sign up now.

    Kaeli Chambers

    Hi everyone! SO, another gather is coming soon and I thought I’d ask who wants to join in the Circle this time! My list is currently very thin and it could stand to have more people to choose from!. Anyways, the box should be out and available! Just see the instructions at the beginning of this thread.

    Enid Smith

    I am always willing to help out. Let me know if I can!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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