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    Robert-Sean Harley

    So last gathering there were a bunch of animal parts going around. I was wondering if anyone would be good at either researching them between gathers or investigating them at the next gather to see what they do and can be used for, other than giving Rakdor a magical charge I know that one. Or if you know and you could just say that works too.

    A Titan Tusk (Juniper has it right now)
    A Basalisk Crest
    A lilypad from the Vathriagni pool
    Giant roach antennae (I don’t have one but I saw others get them)

    Jessica Clower

    I would very much like to take part in any investigation on the lily pad. Should someone wish to research it, I will gladly set aside some time to assist them.


    Chris Peek

    I’m not much good at research or investigation, but if anyone wants to talk to any of this stuff, let me know

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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