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    The first full Autumn gather since the birth of the Queen Mother of Blood went great! Thanks everyone! I’m super thankful for all your help this last year with all of the seasons!

    But I did notice there seems to be some misunderstandings going around, especially to new wanderlings, so I thought I would clear things up a bit kind of all in one place. So here goes! Season Story Time with Pompon!

    All four Seasons are important and play a part in the balance of the Forest. Without each Season, we couldn’t grow Pumpkins, either! Plant, grow, harvest, rest… all are needed to make the best pumpkins(or anything you want). And while some seasons are super fun, but others are hard work, they all play their part. Let me explain each a little better.

    During Autumn, it’s all about the Harvest and sharing the wealth around. We bleed on the land to make sure it stays fertile, and as a thank you to the land for giving us such bounty. We hold a feast and share our treats. We perform and dance with skeletons to honor the season and all it brings. And we Change our Faces to better understand each other(and maybe play a few tricks!).

    During Winter, it’s all about Hospitality and sharing. We make things and show others how. We share gifts and trinkets with our friends and minties. We protect each other from the dangers of the cold and share our resources while things are slim. We leave out (clean!) socks by our beds, and treats like cookies, for when the Hibernal stops by with gifts of his own.

    During Spring, it’s all about Growth and Celebration. We drink, and sing and dance in the warm sun and the new grass. Both plants and people bloom with the beginnings of something new. We set the tone for the rest of the year with what we begin in Spring. And it’s a young, newly reborn season that’s still growing.

    During Summer, it’s all about Love and Accomplishment. We share mint leaves, and marriages. We play games and blow bubbles, throw water balloons and share summer fruits that are sweetest on the warm days. We share our skills and trades, and show demonstrations of how much we’ve learned in the last year. We swim in the lake and nap in the sun dappled grass.

    Summer seems to be the most misunderstood of all the seasons. Summer is about Love. Love for friends, Love for Minties, Love for what you’re good at and what you Love to do. The reason the people of the Sun are Perfected is because they’ve spent their whole lives getting better at what they Love to do. And they get to spend the rest of forever getting better and better at the things the Love. I know some of the more fighty loving types have been meany heads in the past, but even Autumn had the Shadow King.

    Autumn has tons of support. Maybe a wee bit too much(remember, the Seasons need Balance). Spring does too. But Winter and Summer need support just as much, and sometimes more. Winter has no one, since my Minty went away, and his wolves are probably lonely. I know the gnomes love company! And Summer is super, super not okay right now. I’m doing everything I can to help it, but it needs real support too, the kind I can’t give since I am part of Autumn.

    So, please, remember what I said above about each of the seasons. And if you can, please help Winter and Summer become the best seasons they can possibly be!

    Michael Beasley

    Pompon is right! We need friends to get to know Summer and Winter better, and take up their causes, otherwise all of the work that’s been done–to remake Spring, to help re-establish Autumn–will be for…okay, not for nothing, but we won’t have advanced any. Stagnation is bad.

    Any whodilly-hoo, I know of ONE person that has said he wants to be part of Summer. I’m not going to share who unless he does so, and I encourage others to do the same. What we need in the immediate future is at least one person to make Super Best Friends with Winter. Or at least regular Best Friends. Even passing acquaintances would be an improvement at this rate…but I digress.

    I encourage anyone with even passing interest in the preservation of the March of Seasons to spend time speaking with any persons of Winter you happen to meet during those months. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to their Needs, perform their Rites, so we can bring things closer to a harmonious resolution!

    Brian Stagg

    There are currently 2 involved with Summer. Remember one vowed to be married by next Summer. No pressure…


    I have vowed to uphold the traditions of Winter, as it is more of an obligation of the establishment of Sanctuary and a promise I made to a friend. I will also be holding ceremonies on the Longest Night, something Rakdor would have liked to see continued.

    The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard

    Skipper Turner

    Oh, this is where you dudes went! Sorry, got a bit turned around after we left the book place. Found this place called Boomtown, had an awesome time at this concert. Anyway, these Summer dudes sound like they need a guy like me!


    Stephen Rowland

    I am the strongest in the summer… Let me know if I can help!I can understand if it’s not wanted…


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