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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to recount what exactly was part of the Spring rites. I want to make sure it is properly documented so that for years to come the information isn’t lost through to new wanderlings and Spring is lost again.

    I am also, for historical records, documenting what happened during the ritual, who took part, and what was given.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Dessert of Brass – Louise – A Fan
    The Glade – Kodah – A toadstool
    The Empire – Sash – Rice and Seaweed Ball
    Dark Mountains – Dimirti – Berries
    Realm of Castles – Primrose (standing for Fredrick) – A Favor from his Queen
    Goblin City – Tobias – Tinker Tools
    Rock of Storms – Elias – ????
    The Undersea – Brimvati – An oyster shell
    The Labyrinth – Theo – ???
    ???? – Acanthus – His Horns
    ???? – Louise – ?????

    If I have forgotten something or someone, I do apologize. Things were running together for me at that point.

    Afterwards we chose that the new Spring rites would be a party of sorts that consisted of playing drums and other musical instruments, dancing, streamers, singing songs, and enjoying the nature aspect of Spring outside.

    If anyone else has anything they would like to add to this for the documentation that I am making, please list it here and I will make sure that it makes it into the final product.

    Thank you,

    Principal Primrose Petalblume

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    Robert-Sean Harley

    Ari gave a meal card from the school world she is from.


    Thank you Jacob!

    Jessica Clower

    The item for the Labyrinth was a dreamcatcher.
    The apsara’s name is Brem, not Brim.


    Corrections are made in my hard copy notes. Thank you Miss Sarastivasi.

    Crane Odari

    Don’t Forget in the Start where we all had to Fight Each Other. That was a Lot of Fun.

    I Gave plenty of other people’s Blood to it to make Spring Tough.

    (All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)

    Tommy Kauffman

    Might only matter to me, but that favor was from my princess who I was going to attempt to reclaim a castle for, not my queen. Her name was princess Karigan.


    I have added and corrected that in the final notes.

    And yes Clover I have written of your heroics of how the whole town couldn’t catch you and you made all kinds of people fall over and by that I mean I mentioned that you stood for Autumn and made us all chase you around like crazy until you got bored and started fighting the other things.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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