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    Michael Beasley

    Hi everyone!

    So, I did some serious soul searching about how to proceed here, and I think it’s probably going to be best if I just ask someone else to look into it for me rather than trying to brain at it myself. I’m a feeler, not a thinker, you know? So anyway. I had a revelation this gathering: the Wildwood wasn’t the first of it’s kind! I saw somewhere that was really, really similar…but different. This is really important to me personally, and I will pay you with money, and please help.

    Okay bye!


    I suddenly find myself with a lot of time, given the death of my world and all of its problems vanished. I also specialize in forgotten magics. Perhaps this can be of some use to you?

    The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard

    Michael Beasley

    That…is probably a good idea, yes. See, Tali and I went Priestess-Fairing, and I got to see a place that was/is/will be important to me at some point in my lifetime, past/present/future. I think it’s another world. It was like The Wildwood from the Dream, but it wasn’t the Wildwood and it wasn’t in the Dream…I think.

    I was/will be a child there.

    If this sounds like something you can help with, I would be happy if you did. If it doesn’t, maybe help me find someone who can help?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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