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    Greetings, all! I have not the time to talk at length right now. It seems I spent much longer in the library researching and meditating than I at first intended. I plan to see many of you at the next gather and sit with you to learn all that which has transpired, including any explanation as to the strange folk and beings that I encountered while here in the library. Many of them were frightening, and it was only through Stepping Between the Shadows that I was able to evade them.

    Commander Aurelia: I will be sending you a private missive regarding the progress of your most recent endeavors. If my calculations are correct, certain factions in the Forest will soon be destabilized, and they may be desperate enough to mount a full-scale attack. There will be kin and countrymen of ours who will be very interested in this news. I would send word through diplomatic channels to the Tapestry, informing them of this news. As well, anyone with a diplomatic voice: send word to our departed sister, Aiko of Nexus, or whatever title she is now known by. If the tides of war are indeed rising, she may be yet new enough to remember her place in this town, and she will want to be there in any capacity she can, for many reasons.

    I understand that the Spring court ritual was a success, as well. We will have plenty of time to discuss all of that.

    The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard

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