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    Robert-Sean Harley

    Clover and the Maenad flirt/fighting
    Most of town: Awwwww
    Clover: I am going to have so many holes to dig to hide your bodies when this is all over.

    Two words: Titan Tush.

    Rakdor to Ellothiomel discussing his missing money
    Rakdor: I’m not sure who found the box with money in the woods. Ya know we’ve been having a problem with bandits around here lately.
    Dmitri: What do you mean? It was Jacob. Jacob found the box in the wood.

    Andrew Ulrich

    Pumpkin Queen: You bled first for me Rakdor, will you accept my blessing to fight?
    Rakdor: Is this gonna fuck up my thing with Winter?
    Pumpkin Queen: I don’t know, maybe?
    Rakdor looking around at the dire situation: Fuck it. I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it!
    Rakdor immediately after the battle: Hey, uh, Pumpkin Queen, I’m ready to give this power up now, can I revoke it myself? Yes? Oh thank the Gods…

    Clover: I’m going to kill all of you… except Rakdor. He’s cool.

    Not a quote, but the sheer depression of Aktoshvati after he got his bracelet privileges taken away from him by Intervention of Miraculous Cures.

    FoD Staff


    *Watching Clover and the Maenad*
    Gust-of-Crimson: “…wouldn’t even know what to do if he caught it.”

    Kaeli Chambers

    Oh timing is too funny sometimes. Lian Min an Pompon were discussing how Pompon had been a good ward and not making us pull our hair out looking after her.

    Tali: Yeah because if anything happened to her, the Maiden would seriously hurt us…”

    *The far left doors at the back of the tavenr fly open and in stalks the Maenad”

    Tali: “And well, there she is…” *quickly looks at Pompon just to double check that she is absolutely okay*

    We all crack up laughing.

    Maenad: “What’s so funny, this is serious?”

    Pompon: “Oh Tali was just saying how mad you’d be if they let anything happen to me.”

    Maenad: “Oh be glad nothing happened to her.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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