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    Robert-Sean Harley

    Lady Tacita’s army and Confessor were defeated. Almost all of the Dusk Watch legion was also killed in the process.

    A bunch of people confirmed first hand the afterlife is working again. I’ll let someone else give the details on that if they are interested.

    Aktoshvati had to choose between sending the Dark Mountains into oblivion and kill everyone on it or send it to the Undersoul. He sent it to the Undersoul.

    If you want to learn how to do the Hidden Justice style with there is still a hidden Justice master in the forest. He doesn’t like armies.

    If you want to learn the magic of The Dooms of Light and Shadow you have a brief amount of time after this gather by next gather you will not be able to. None of the Acerbians in town can currently teach this unless they plan to learning how to teach after this gather.

    We found out what Malefaction is. It’s a stain on your soul after you use the Soul Merchant magic to come back from the dead. Ahriana, you still have coins we got from the Jester right? Would it be okay with you if we use some of them the next gather?

    Sometimes lizards puke up night forged steel if you are nice to them and feed them strawberries.

    Ravinia killed a 270 people in Tacita’s army with two arrows.

    There was a bunch of raised voices over seasons and sun stuff and summer stuff so I mostly tuned it out but someone who know more could probably go into it.

    The red/burgundy/maroon collector tested Elias and Queen Jack showed up and everyone got really angry again and tense and some people started crying. I’ll let someone who knows more about that talk about it though.

    Violet’s wings followed us there.

    We buried a place of power so the Confessor couldn’t get to it. Someone should probably go dig it up. Maybe it will follow us back to town.

    Tristam is a human, but he’s probably tied to something more powerful that helps him out, like Aktoshvati or Louise. Also that wasn’t him at the Nightmare Market last year, just someone who looks a lot like him.

    There’s a guy named Rupert and we’re pretty sure captures people’s familiars and then skins them and turns them into clothing. This is a bad thing. But he has nightmare patron so just killing him probably won’t work.


    I do still have the coins, however they are one use per, and in limited supply. What are the effects of this “stain on the soul” as you put it? What happens if someone is brought back twice by the same magic? I am very interested in this and look forward to learning more. Once I have more information I can determine the best use of the coins. Thank you for taking notes of the gather, even if I do not understand the references for most of them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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