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    Robert-Sean Harley

    Hello, Mimi sent this to me. I don’t know who it’s supposed to go to so I’m just going to leave it here so that it can find the person that it was meant for:

    So after a good amount of study, especially with old stories, tales, and legends, here’s the closest story I can put together:

    A long, long time ago, in a world that’s long since faded past memory, there were a pair of twins who looked nothing alike. They were the children of their country’s foremost ambassador and his wife, the court wizard. Their names–personal and family–are lost to the antiquity of time, so let us call them Boy and Girl.

    As many such children do, they appeared to be drawn to the career of the opposite parent, Boy to their mother’s magical workings, and Girl to their father’s diplomacy. Girl, however, was more introverted than their father, and Boy was more daring than their mother. Additionally, Boy and Girl both showed some talents in teaching the other the lessons each had learned. Secretly, Boy became a leader of men, and Girl became an accomplished mage.

    They had many adventures, both together and separately, as they grew older. In time, Girl became the spymaster for their country, sitting in the middle of a web, able to hear changes in a different country with the twitch of a thread, able to be where no one expected her to be, to hear what no one expected her to hear. Unlike many spymasters, she traversed her web regularly, repairing threads, building new connections, unwilling to sit in one place. When things got the most dire, she always wanted to take care of the matter herself. More often than not, the matter was dealt with permanently.

    Boy, for his part, disappeared. Most of the nobility of their country who bothered to consider him generally assumed that he was working for his sister someplace. Halfway across the world, in a country ruled by an iron fist, a daring burglar rose to quiet prominence. His presence was just a whisper among the downtrodden, among the ignored. They spoke of his ability to slip into heavily guarded vaults and remove wealth that was then redistributed to the poor. With time, his attacks became more brazen, from solo burglary to mass banditry, leading first one band, then many bands, against the nobility and the Tyrannos of that country.

    Things might have continued in this manner for quite some time, but when a threat to their world arose, both Boy and Girl joined with other heroes to stop it. Both were expert at getting into guarded places, so they often worked in tandem: Boy taking some artifact of power from the minions of Evil, while Girl removed more powerful foes from play. For a time, they were very beneficial to their allies.

    No story found records what caused Girl to fall from grace, only that she did. Boy insisted that he be the one to capture or destroy her, as he knew her, her ways, and her locations better than anyone. While he led a group of heroes to seek her, the others all fell one by one along the way, leaving only Boy to confront Girl. History also does not record what words might have passed between them, but there are allusions that ultimately, Boy could not bring himself to destroy his own flesh and blood, his twin, his dark mirror. He loved her more than he loved even himself, and this one spark of altruism in a thief was enough to condemn them both. Soon, artifacts of power began to disappear from citadels of the world’s protectors and end up in the hands of its invaders, and people in key places were found mysteriously dead. The world itself fell because Boy cared for his twin.


    Abby Peterson

    Thank you Jacob, and thank Mimi for me if you see her. I think I know more about this.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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