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    John Nunn

    We’ve allowed a couple of extra days because of Memorial Day, and I’m going to leave ’em open a couple more days because I didn’t post a reminder. (Plus, I’m always late with both for the games I play. Just ask Fractured Staff.) At the moment, here are the feedbacks and downtimes received:

    Woodruff Anderson
    Grace Baker
    Zach Bolien
    Matt Bretschneider
    Kaeli Chambers (DTs only)
    Jessica Clower (DTs only)
    Shana Crump
    Jeff DeLuca
    Joey Greene
    Robert-Sean Harley (DTs only)
    David Hughes
    Ren Johnson (DTs only)
    Ryan Josefsberg
    Megan Kauffman (DTs only)
    Tommy Kauffman
    Rob Marshall
    Sam Marshall
    Dianne Nolan (DTs only)
    Chris Peek
    Enid Smith
    Brian Stagg
    DeLamar Turner IV
    Priscilla Weber

    You may have notices that the DTs form has been adjusted to send you a copy of your submissions. We’ve had a few oddly lost recently, so hopefully that can at least let you send a copy of the receipt to Staff and we’ll get those cleared promptly. The feedback form will be adjusted similarly with the June game.

    –John, for FoD Staff

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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