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    Frank Ortiz

    I was cleaning out my duster when I came across several small scraps of paper that appeared to be penned by my hand. I checked with Ravinia and she confirmed that the notes I left myself were real, though I apparently was painfully intoxicated, likely to deal with the fact that I had to stay and protect the other Dreamers and Earthbound.

    Is it commonplace that there are dead babies, and appendages openly flaunted about? Do we typically have those with severe mental illnesses run about and do nothing about it as if they are taking part is some great game?

    Do we as a group regularly collude with beings that openly practice evil, (as with the murder, dismemberment and skinning of babies and familiars) then barter and trade with them?

    I write notes to myself quite often to help me remember things, I’m damaged and I know my limitations when it comes to memory. However, I have other notes that say the people of Defiance consider themselves heroes of their respective worlds and that they strive to make things better. Personally I’m disgusted to read notes in my own hand depicting the villainy that we have taken a part of, and what’s more, I will relive this feeling of treachery every day when I re-read those notes to myself.

    I’m greatly ashamed of us all.

    Crane Odari

    I told Everyone that those Baby Things were just toys or a Trick and sure enough They were, but no One wants to listen to the Folk. We even got Yelled At for getting that Familiar Pelt and Eyes so it could be Buried however those Things are supposed to be Buried.

    This Town is really Dumb when it comes to Evil Stuff. If Twig and I talk to a Nightmare Host we’re in Trouble, but if everyone goes to a place Hosted by Nightmares it’s Fine to deal with Them.

    I don’t know what Severe Mental Illness means.

    (All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)

    Robert-Sean Harley

    Who were the people in the funny jackets anyway? I’d heard someone mention they have been around but I’ve never heard anyone mention them before.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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