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    Matt Bretschneider

    so … yea. As everyone saw we got a visit from the “friendly” and always hungry Jabberwock. This is the first time he has come out during the day, which possibly means he is aware of what I’m doing and is scared. for those who don’t know, I am growing a weapon that I will be able to use to destroy him once and for all. while in the shadows outside, he made a gesture to me that he wanted to eat me. I seem to be able to get a feeling of when he is coming, but its pretty fast. the jabberwock is gonna be strongest at night as it is a creature made of the fear of what is unknown in the dark. everyone be careful. this is not a creature you want to go up against by yourself. if it is able to strike you down it may be able to consume you whole. I noticed something different about him. he had some markings on his forehead that i have not noticed before. if some people could help me possibly look into this i would be grateful. i know things aren’t gonna be easy and I thanks everyone who is gonna help in keeping me safe until I have sprout ready for the big moment.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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