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    Hi there! Miss Mimi’s grandson was able to get her research on Spring to me, even though Miss Mimi is still missing after being taken by the nightmares. :'(

    I’ll just add exactly what she said here so you all can read it too:


    An important thing to remember is that Spring the season is still around, it’s just held by the terrestrial spirits as there is no formal courts one might see for Summer, Winter or even Fall. In order to even attempt to create a new court one must first get the terrestrial spirits to give up the title of Spring. Whether this will be done through Diplomacy, Fighting, or both remains to be seen.

    A direction must be chosen for how the new theme of Spring will take shape. The old theme of lava and volcano sacrifice is viable if a bit bloody. Another viable direction is like that of a bacchanal filled with intoxication, revelry, and fertility. It is also possible to simply give the season to the Celestines and have them tend to it that. This is not a stop gap, and will not serve to give one more time to find a different option while the Celestines tend to Spring. Another further option is to set Spring up to honor a different prime world each gather. Conversely, Spring could be turned into a time to honor splinter worlds. It could also be given to the fairies as they are beings of innocence and such are prone to revelry.

    There are a few things that are needed to establish the Court:
    ~ LEADER – A new head of Spring is needed that reflects the theme. If one wishes to have the Spring Court reflect the other Courts it is ill advised to have a spirit be the leader of Spring. Title/Duties/Meaningful Nominee for leader
    ~ RITES – Rites of Spring are a must. They must again reflect the theme. What practices and rituals would define Spring?
    ~ MYTHOS – What is the story behind all this? What do the supplicants of the Season strive for?
    ~ STRUCTURE – How is the Court structured? Are there titles or is it more freeform?

    Okay, there we go. Now a few extra bits of information I know…

    The day Sanctuary gathered the money to pay Miss Mimi to do this research, a terrestrial spirit came into town to give me a message. He was a very grumpy rock spirit. He basically told me that we had until this Spring to fix Spring or the terrestrial spirits had decided they weren’t doing it anymore. So, the good news is that the first part of Miss Mimi’s research shouldn’t be that hard since they already want to give it up. We’ll just need to make sure they haven’t changed their minds.

    And here’s a list of the options she mentioned, just to make it easier to see:

    Now we should probably avoid the volcano option. If we want balance with the other seasons in both power and theme, the big party is the best option. The others would work as well though.

    So… what do you think? I know a few of you out there have shown an interest in Spring, and everybody else is affected by this too. If we get a Spring back, that will finally balance the seasons which will help make the forest healthier all around.

    Michael Beasley

    Hrm….I have thoughts. I need time to sort them out, though. Basically, I definitely think the party idea needs to be at the center, but I see no reason we can’t use pieces of each of these ideas to make a single, complex idea.

    Abby Peterson

    I absolutely want to help. I’ve wanted to since we directed the first Spring Pagent. Also, fixing this would resolve a very old source of problems for Harmony.

    Pompon? I have something that may help you. It’s a flower that’s fresh and young in a glass vial and seems linked to the season of Spring. Nadira is holding it right now.

    Thank you.


    Matt Bretschneider

    recently with my involvement with helping fix autumn, i have come to a decision that I want to help with fixing spring. i also think with my style and personality that spring would suit me better. i like the idea of a big party and letting fairies have a big part in fixing it because we are very happy and optimistic and those would seem to fit several themes of spring. spring is a time of rebirth and growth. the flowers are growing, animals are waking up from long winters naps and so on. it should be a time to celebrate the year to come. I’m not very good in The Great Library myself, but if anyone needs help with research i can give you a hand. 🙂

    Frank Ortiz

    I’d offer to help out if there is some need for a champion of Spring, but, you’re all going to have to remind me what to do. Ravinia told me I told the autumn lady-person that I wasn’t helping for her benefit, but that I did it to help out Pompon and the other town members. I didn’t write a note to myself so I must have not thought it important, or I was in a rush. Let me know if there is anything I can assist with (I only remember how to fight and do a little magic) because I keep hearing that I’m pretty good.


    Matt Bretschneider

    Does anyone need some help with research on this. I have a little free time between this last gather and the next.


    Personally, I am up for a huge party with lots or drinking and so on. I’ll even commission a lot of good drinks for the town.


    Have your drinking and revelry. Perhaps befitting the theme of Spring is a sense of restlessness?

    The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard


    I believe this is set to happen this gather, yes?

    Crane Odari

    What about getting Drunk and having a Big Party in a Volcano? That sounds Way Better than just some Nixie Party. Plus, Volcano.

    (All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)

    Priscilla Weber

    The Mantle of Spring is to be passed at the next gather.

    I know each World was asked to provide something for the ritual that represents their home world in springtime. The members of the Dark Mountains will be bringing blackberries.


    All posts before 8/1/19 are written by Aurelia, Former Lord Commander of the Duskwatch Legion, the last Soldier of the Dark Mountains

    Jessica Clower

    Since whatever is happening will need to happen at the approaching gather, is there a rough outline for a plan?

    Brian Stagg

    Yeah…wanting to help but not having an idea of where to start is kinda hurting the principal here of fixing the issue.

    – Brem

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    Priscilla Weber

    Pompon asked each world to bring an item symbolic of Spring in their world. This symbol will be offered to the Crucible in a ritual. From the Dark Mountains, we will be bringing blackberries, as food is our most important resource.


    All posts before 8/1/19 are written by Aurelia, Former Lord Commander of the Duskwatch Legion, the last Soldier of the Dark Mountains

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