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    Robert-Sean Harley

    Hello! Mimi finished her research on a fighting style from the Labyrinth. Here it is.

    Grand Armsman Style (20XP)
    1: Exalted Strike 2, Tricks of the Trade – 1
    2: Bonus Prowess 1, Advanced Tactics
    3: Exalted Strike 3, Tricks of the Trade – 2
    4: Bonus Prowess 2, Loremastery
    5: Exalted Strike 4, Tricks of the Trade – 3
    6: Bonus Prowess 3, Lethal Strikes

    Requirements: Battle Lore x3

    Exalted Strike X – The practitioner of this style may call Power Strike X with all melee and thrown weapons for the standard 1 prowess

    Tricks of the Trade – The practitioner gains the following abilities if they don’t already have them:
    1: Thrown Proficiency, Evade, Subdue
    2: Parry, Withstand, Shield Pierce
    3: Sweep Attack, Disarm, Recover
    These abilities are usable with all thrown and melee weapons within reason.

    Advanced Tactics – Battle Lore investigations generate an additional Feat of Learning and applicable Research/Expertise/Influence downtime actions gain a +1 Bonus (+7 total).

    Loremastery – The Armsman gains an additional feat of perception when in Battle Lore investigations. Relevant downtimes gain a +1 bonus (Total +8)

    Lethal Strikes – The practitioner may call Mortal Blows with all melee and thrown weapons for 3 prowess.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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