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    Kaeli Chambers

    Hi guys,

    So, thanks to Jacob’s hard work and the bravery of many, Mimi was rescued from the Chain Guy Nightmare this gather. She is physically fine, though the ordeal has left a harsh mark on her. She is terrified that he will come for her again, or that she’ll simply wake up and find him there once more. Right now she is calm, but she still holds that fear within, which is bad.

    This fear is the reason she still needs our help. Ever since she did the research about the Brides of the Machine there has been a growing fear. It’s why the Chain Guy was attracted to her… the fear is acting as a beacon to them. There are several things we need to do in order to help her. These mainly consist of ensuring she has no contact with Nightmares and be ready to fight any of them that try to get to her. We have to make sure she is safe.

    There is one other big important piece, and it is something that can’t really be done by just anyone. We need someone who is good at talking to people, a diplomat, to spend time with her to help alleviate these fears and make it so that she will not be a beacon to Nightmares. Please, if you can help or know someone who can, let us know. Right now she should be easily found at the Library with me as we share a blanket fort study.

    Dreamers being afraid is bad.. even moreso than a non-Dreamer having fear eat at them since the risk of creating more Nightmares is far more likely and they can often be stronger than Nightmares formed by non-Dreamer fears. Also, there’s been a vision of Mimi be chased or attacked by lots of Nightmares and another of the Chain Guy chasing someone down a hallway.

    Please, can someone help her?

    Murphy Maddox

    Thanks for the update!

    I’ve been rather busy in my workshop of late, so I haven’t had time to go seek Mimi out, but… what did she uncover about the Brides of the Machine? Or do we need to get her back to rights before she can finish up?

    Scratch that, I just saw that there is some info about the Brides on the Message Tree. Serves me right for asking before doing my own reading.

    So… has anyone gone to comfort Mimi? Inspector Therapy Time probably wouldn’t do her much good, but I can ask around if this is still something that needs doing.

    Inspector Geieresmythe

    Robert-Sean Harley

    As far as I know I think it still needs doing. If you could find someone willing to do that it would be a big help Inspector.

    Kaeli Chambers

    Jacob is correct, Inspector, we do still need someone that can spend some time with her and help her work through this. I do not have much to offer in exchange, but I will happily offer up my skills in the Hymns via Uncut Perfect Star, priority for the Dream Circle, or even help looking into a particular course of action by speaking to the Seat of Wonder, Innocence, and Sin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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