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    The veil between us and this new world must be getting thin. It was hinted that things we have recently done — likely Rakdor’s Greater Working and the transport of my world to the beyond, before so many were laid to rest or given a chance to repent — have changed the very nature of this place, which bears a strong resemblance to Hell, the very place from whence Queen Jack was plucked and brought to us by the Collector, during Elias’s trials. I will confer with Elias to see if he believes as I do that the Citadel was once Hell, and has now changed metaphysically. I may well have found my calling to leave this Forest, when the time is right. If Acerbians are trapped there, flaying themselves eternally for sins of which they are not guilty, I will certainly devote my life to freeing them. If any are there wrongfully, and can be somehow put to rest, I believe I will try, if no one else steps forth who is more capable.

    The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard

    Crane Odari

    Just in case Anyone goes back, you can’t Borrow any of their Things. It’s basically Impossible. Enoch that may mean you Have to stay there to help those Humans since they can Never Leave.

    (All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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