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    Hi everyone!

    So, thank you all for helping me with the Pumpkin King and the Shadows. I know it’s going to get really scrappy now that the King is almost ready to Harvest, so be on your guard for Shadows.

    Um… about the shadows… they’re really not happy with me right now. I’m thinking I might need to be in disguise to keep them from coming right after me whenever they show up.

    So I had a thought. There was this holiday called the Day of Changing Faces from the Undersea, right? Where we all put on other people’s faces for a little bit? What if we had the Day of Changing Faces in Autumn, so everyone could dress up in disguises with me to play the biggest of Tricks on the Shadows?

    So bring your disguises! Be someone else, or maybe something else for a day and see if we can pull off the biggest Trick ever!

    Kaeli Chambers

    Oooo! This sounds like fun! I am certain Auggie will join in, and I certainly will! I mean we do this all the time, and you could too really. It’s sooo much fun!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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