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    Ebony Nobles

    It has come to our attention that there are things called “Brides of the Machine” that are trapped under the Enchanted Glade. Needing more information I secured the means to gather it and this is what I was given in response.

    Brides of the Machine

    Beneath the bright and cheerful land that is the Enchanted Glade lurks a dark and alien race of creatures known only as the Brides of the Machine. Their inorganic forms are simply too large, too strong, and too monstrous to truly imagine. They are beings of true immortality and view the fairies with their false immortally as an infestation. False immortality of course referring to the fact that when fairies “wink” and come back it is not really the one who dies that returns, but rather a replication of their essence and memories. It is due to this that fairies experience some memory loss upon death and after a certain number of reconstructions the energies are exhausted and new form is assumed elsewhere.

    As a note, fairies are creates of pure whimsy and creation. Brides of the Machine are completely antithetical to them for Brides hold a great power: the power of unmaking. Through just an act of will, theses creatures can utterly obliterate a free essence so entirely that any trace of its existence would be erased.

    They are not mindless nor without culture. Theirs is a cold aesthetic that gravitates around a religion of sorts. The religion is centered around an undefinable ideal of perfection.

    Their imprisonment underground came about due to the intervention of Oun and one Ounish Man in particular, LRC. During his research into worlds with whimsy he stumbled across theses creatures. He and other Ounish weren’t quiet sure what they were dealing with other than it was not good. So, following protocol they intervened and altered the World driving them underground. It didn’t deal with them completely but it was the best they could do with the limited knowledge they had.

    The Brides of the machine are large, far too large to come into this world. They exist withing the Enchanted Glade and the most that could pass into another world would be like a finger to them, merely a tiny puppet representing something far larger. They cannot leave the world known as the Enchanted Glade but snippets of their influence have gotten out. Pale reflections of them have been known to exist within other worlds, the most notable of which are the Nibelung of the Goblin City.

    I have found a string of alpha-numeric symbol: Z4TMK15310100V9. This appears to be a name of some kind. I think it can be used for something. It’s unclear at this point in time.

    This is the current information that I have.

    Chris Peek

    This is big everyone. I know a bit of what the nibelung are capable of. Anything that describes them in terms like “tiny puppet” and “pale reflection” is bad news on scale many of us have never encountered. I’m trying to get some info on the brides/nibelung connection, but my approach involves a lot of ifs and maybes. If anything comes of it I’ll let you know. In the mean time, I know that some of our friends who are more attuned to that sort of thing got a longer message in the same “language” as that name. Does anyone still know it? If anyone can put it on the tree, (or just show me at next gather) I’d appreciate it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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