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    Kaeli Chambers

    Heya everyone,

    So I know you guys all like those twisty thingies that you like to trade around. Well, Auggie needs a Diplomancer and will absolutely have some of those magical twisties for the one who helps him out. He needs help finding someone to help him think about things between gathers that is totally not me because my brain is so full. Even better if they can do it regularly.. I think he called it a Container? No wait.. that’s not right.. RETAINER! That’s it! A smart, thinky retainer. Very Innovation. Lots of NEW things.

    See? Simple task and you get to profit! Least I think that’s the right word. This was so much easier at the Bazaar.

    Shana Crump

    Greetings Tali,

    While it is not as much within my skills as a liaison, I would be willing to attempt this for Auggie for payment.

    Shizi Lianmin

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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