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    In the spell Hypotheses of Wonder, the cantrip reads:
    After 3 seconds of concentration, the caster may grant a willing recipient, who must be Hallucinating at the time of casting, the choice between ending that hallucination immediately OR extending the condition’s duration to the next Sunset while granting them a +1 Mastery as a non-stackable effect. If the latter is chosen, this cantrip, regardless of source, will have no effect on the recipient until their condition ends.

    Does that mean that the effects are one of two things, either a) you can end the hallucination for them, regardless of source; or b) you can extend it until next sunset, while granting them a +1 Mastery, BUT the Mastery bonus doesn’t take effect until the hallucination is over? And how long does that continue? End of the event? It seems only sensible to cast it on a Friday night, let the hallucination run until Saturday night, then they get the bonus? If that is indeed how it works.

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