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    People of Defiance,

    I have decided to separate this particular message upon the tree from Enoch “Final Act” and shed a little more light on what is going on this coming gather in hopes that it will provide an understanding of what has already transpired and things that are to come regarding what is happening with Polychromethea and what must be done.

    Several gathers ago, Enoch was visited by an achroma who informed him about the happenings with the Firago in Polychromethea. Apparently, some time ago there was a battle here in the forest with the Firago himself. This battle severely weakened the world power when he returned to what was once The Tapestry. When the world became what is now Polychromethea he wasn’t strong enough to be the opposing force to what is essentially three world powers. There is The Artist, The Dramaturge, and The Troubadour. Since he was not powerful enough to oppose them, he has been weakening even more over time. Should something not be done about his current state then the world would fall out of balance.

    Enoch already had a tie to the Firago from use of the glasses that Clover acquired during the initial fight with him. They were unaware at the time that such a connection would be made, otherwise I feel that he may never have used them. However, that is a mute point now. This tie that he has to the Firago made the achroma reach out to him for help with the current state on that side of the world.

    Enoch has been given three tasks. If he passes each of these tasks, then he should be able to fix what has gone wrong. It is unclear to me whether he will just be empowering the current Firago and therefore fixing it, whether the “Firago” is a type of mantle that he will be taking up, or exactly how this will come to fruition. The research and investigations done on this haven’t been exactly clear so how this will end is speculation at this point. We do plan on investigating this even more at this gather and trying to get some of these questions answered.

    As to the tasks, he has only completed one so far. A servant of the Firago was brought to him. The servant was guilty of murder in cold blood. Enoch was tasked with making the decision of this servants fate. He chose mercy. To me, this shows that there is still good in him. He could have chosen to murder or worse, but he did not.

    As I have said before, this link that he has seems to be causing changes within him. His attitude is darker overall. He is losing faith in things that are “good” by inherent nature. To put it quite frankly, he is turning to the “bad” side of things. I know this is disheartening to see someone among you go this route, but however hurtful and disheartening this may be, it is overall a good thing.

    Without a balance in power in Polychromethea there is a high chance that the world could fall from primacy just as it has come into its prime. The unfortunate thing is that worlds require conflict in order to be sustainable. If it was all good and peace all the time then the world would become stagnant. So, this thing, while not “good” in nature is very good for the overall survival of the world.

    It is my understanding that Enoch cared for Louise as a friend and respected The Artist as her incarnation here was once a member of Sanctuary and a close friend/family to those that Enoch does care deeply about, those he became close to in his beginning days here in the forest, and those that some part of him still considers family. I also know that he has the deepest respect for Denna, the woman whom is now the leader of the Shadow Guard in Polychromethea. These friends would be at risk at losing everything they worked for if this task is not completed.

    So, on to stuff that you may REALLY not like. Metaphysically, the “good” world powers of Polychromethea have to oppose this. It’s built in to them and while they will understand on a academic level why this must happen, they must naturally oppose what is to come. We do not know specifics, but it is highly possible that we may see one or more of the Troika this gather in opposition to what must happen. It’s also possible that members of the Troubadour’s army may come to oppose this or even members of the Shadow Guard. We will know more once we are able to look into it.

    Yes, it is possible that we may have to fight those that were once and still remain to be friends of the town, but we cannot loose sight of the fact that overall this is going to stabilize the world and make it strong. This must be kept in your minds no matter what happens. If this is not successful, this world that they worked so hard to create could fall and become stagnant. I believe that town can take one look around at all the beautiful artwork that Lousie left us and understand why this world needs to remain strong and safe. It would be a disservice to allow the world she helped to create to fall.

    Should things go right, Enoch will complete his tasks and will balance the power in the world. This will cost him much. We will probably never see him again and while I know that some of you may feel like jumping for joy at the thought of this, please take a moment to look back on the past two years and realize that Enoch’s attitude has been being effected ever since he used those glasses. The Firago’s glasses literally made someone become more and more of an “asshole” when they were used. The Firago even came to him during a dream circle at some point. What you have been seeing for two years is a person who was unaware until recently that something has been metaphysically changing him.

    What he needs now is support and understanding, no matter how awful he has been, no matter how hurtful his words have been, no matter how many times his foot has been shoved so far down his throat that he could scratch his hindquarters with his toes. He needs you to try to put that aside and be there for him on this final stretch to put balance to this world. What forms now, the way he is treated, the way he views things, everything that interacts with him could have effect on the way the world power of Polychromethea is shaped. Would you have it shaped with anger, violence, revenge, pettiness, and thoughtlessness. Or would you have it shaped where it has the ability to show mercy, understanding, compassion and realize friendship and loyalty in even the darkest times? This is up to each and every one of us.

    Should you have further questions, please feel free to write to me or come see me at gather.


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