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Abby Peterson

I’m glad we’re talking about it. Information is coming out that people didn’t know before.

A request:
If we can do this without calling people cowards, idiots, lunatics or oblivious, then I think we’ll keep making progress.

I know that I looked at the art. I feel like a fool now because, of all the people here, I should have had some idea of the bias of an Artist when studying a work of Art. The Artist was afraid of the Mother of Monsters, and so the work implied fear. That doesn’t mean any of the other actions or research was so influenced, but it absolutely means that the research we did with the Art piece was.

To answer you, Gust, yes, I can confirm that one of the requests to the White City Spirit that came to expand on the world was more flora and fauna that was not Progenitor-based. They told stories about the old terror-beaks and rat wolves around Nexus and wanted life like that. I don’t know if some of what we’ve been seeing has anything to do with that. We’d need to ask.

I want us to keep finding out what we can. I want us to make sure that we don’t let other people die, even if we don’t like them. I’m not sure we can come back from doing that.

    Harmony doesn’t always mean peace.
    It means different parts working together.

Look, I’m crazy tired by a lot of things – but you all know what you’re doing, one way or another. It’s when the light shifts that new colors emerge. It’s when the stone breaks that I can use the pieces to make a mural, like the memorial. Things are going to break because we’re not perfect and the world doesn’t exist in a creepy stasis.

I wasn’t there when the hatching took place, but I heard something that made me proud of you all, even if it was something that wasn’t a tactical choice.
When the question came up that made people pause and ask, “Are we good? Are we doing the right thing?” they veered towards giving a situation a second chance and sparing a life. Yes, it may come back to bite us, but I’d rather that than to know that, when people aren’t sure if they’re doing something good, they take a choice that we can’t come back from.

You’re trying to not cause harm where it is not needed and when you’re not sure, you default to the idea to stop the fighting and look for more answers.

So, I think you’re not doing Harmony bad, actually. Just stop everything that begins with blithering, please?