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I really cannot quote everyone here, because of my means of getting to the tree, but let me address somethings.

1. Out of the scouting party that went when the egg was found, Prim was the best suited for caring for the egg. If anyone else would have stepped forward and asked to take care of it because they thought they were more suited, she would have handed it over. The only person who expressed interest was Elias and with his dealings with 2 collectors at the time, she did not think it was wise to hand it over to him.

2. There was research done on the egg. It is in the notes that I have posted here. All the research did was clarify the things that we had learned in our investigations and it yielded NO new information what so ever.

3. The first act of violence wasn’t when we took the egg. Someone that has been here longer than me could clarify this, but I’ve been told that the monsters related to the egg IE: the colorful animals (purple pigs, bronze birds, crimson cats, etc) were attacking us long before the egg ever showed up. If the Mother of Monsters wished peace, then she wouldn’t have been sending her descendants to attack us long before the egg ever showed up. This only backs up the fact that she would have come for us anyway and if we would have given her the egg, she would have been more powerful.

4. As far as researching goes, I am doing A LOT of research into things surrounding the Mother of Monsters and Quickpetal. What we know so far from BOTH investigations and research is stated in the notes I have already posted up here. More research is to follow and will be openly shared.

5. There was one another person who researched the egg. I believe this person still doesn’t have access to the tree for some reason and that is probably why they haven’t stepped up. I honestly cannot remember who it was that came up to me and gave me the information that they had researched on the Mother. Yes, it’s my fault that I can’t remember. Things have been very hectic for me.

6. It has been made very clear many times that the choice we made was for the good of Quickpetal as well as this town. Should the Mother of Monsters get a hold of Quickpetal she would gain ultimate power and yes she would have come to our door step anyway.

7. It has NEVER beeen even hinted at that if we returned the egg, the mother would never come to attack us. The only thing we know is that if she obtained the egg she would gain ultimate power and come wreck our faces. In fact, even the divination done showed that the Mother of Monsters would come in a year to destroy us.

8. Don’t forget that the Mother of Monsters literally reached through a divination and KILLED one of our townspeople when we were trying to figure out what the future of the egg was. If she would have wished peace, she could have shown a peaceful action, but instead she chose violence towards someone who hasn’t even been here since the egg was found.

9. As far as rallying people and giving them information, there were many occasions where Prim sat with several people and talked to them about what was going on with the egg and what we had learned. This was done at EVERY gather that she attended. She/I cannot be blamed if anyone chose not to sit and listen when it was being talked about.

As a final note, many of you are acting like you had no chance to talk to Primrose about the egg or ask any questions. I do not know why you feel as though that is true as she would have spoken to any of you at any time about the entire situation, welcome you to read her notes and research, and taken any suggestions that you may have had. I do not understand why there is such malice.

I understand why you may have thought this was a bad idea in the beginning and still find it to be that way now. What I don’t understand is why you find so much mistrust in someone who has been here less than a year and hasn’t even made one of the gathers in her time here. She offered help to all that she could, putting her own research and wants behind that of the needs of others, and still you attack her very character.

Maybe that is one of the reasons I am here now. With that said, I am heading to Autumn. I won’t be around for quite some time, however I will send the results of my research with someone as to keep you all informed about everything. I am a fairy of my word.

I leave you with one final thought as I look back on things that have happened here. There have been SO MANY of you who have fought battles that “weren’t your problem” and that others “thought were a bad idea”. Yet you stood together and trusted one another with very little discourse. Even when Prim was angry about the Conspiracy, she sat down and spoke with Aurelia about it. They talked nicely to one another and worked things out like civil people do. Why is it that the same cannot be done here? Maybe all of the information isn’t known yet. Maybe there wasn’t enough time in 3 gathers for Prim to know everything that needed to be known, but you cannot deny that she tried. Stop trying to look at all the bad in someone and try to see the good that was attempted and what is being done moving forward.

Kodah is right, the arguing needs to stop. People need to treat one another civilly on both sides and talk about what should be done.