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Michael Beasley

Pompon is right! We need friends to get to know Summer and Winter better, and take up their causes, otherwise all of the work that’s been done–to remake Spring, to help re-establish Autumn–will be for…okay, not for nothing, but we won’t have advanced any. Stagnation is bad.

Any whodilly-hoo, I know of ONE person that has said he wants to be part of Summer. I’m not going to share who unless he does so, and I encourage others to do the same. What we need in the immediate future is at least one person to make Super Best Friends with Winter. Or at least regular Best Friends. Even passing acquaintances would be an improvement at this rate…but I digress.

I encourage anyone with even passing interest in the preservation of the March of Seasons to spend time speaking with any persons of Winter you happen to meet during those months. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to their Needs, perform their Rites, so we can bring things closer to a harmonious resolution!