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Brian Stagg

2. When sentient emissaries came and explained the misunderstanding and asked for the egg as politely as they could, offering us peace if we returned the egg, we killed them too.

Not picking a fight – truthfully asking here. I could have sworn people were saying there was more to this – like the following:

1) The Mother would destroy the egg (Yes that was said…)
2) The Mother would corrupt the egg
3) The egg can sense things…so we must be good and no negativity and it will be good! Followed by people saying that if we gave it to the Mother it would automatically be evil..
4) We would be evil if we gave the egg up.
5) We got threatened…or the egg was threatened and we attacked because the emissaries were a ploy (YES…this was said…)

This is the first I have heard of a misunderstanding – unless the fact we took the egg is the implication of the misunderstanding? But when the emissaries came…not once did I EVER hear the word ‘misunderstanding.’

What else is getting lost in translation -overall speaking I wonder…?