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Ryan Josefsberg

To be clear, the reason he healed it is because Aktosh was told directly by Justice that killing it would be unjust. As he was the living embodiment of Justice at the time, what else could he do? Should I have assaulted the titantically strong/tough embodiment of a priciple? I then offered the cat a deal to walk away and deliver a message to its mother that we spared its life as an act of mercy and that the mother was free to entreat the child and convince her to come back peacefully, because free will. He was not happy, but he doesn’t get a say, according to him. If you’re wondering why Justice said we’re the bad guys here, lets break it down.

1. We stole the egg from its caretakers, killing them in the process. This was a misunderstanding. Pretty sure it was forgivable.
2. When sentient emmissaries came and explained the misunderstanding and asked for the egg as politely as they could, offering us peace if we returned the egg, we killed them too.
3. The many eyed tiger offered to take the egg and leave before we attacked him. I ignored the offer, because I had a feeling I knew what the response would be.
4. There was no actual research done on the Mother of Monsters, her motives, or her abilities, beyond a single investigation of a piece of art, which is a pretty subjective interpretation of reality. All other investigations seem to have been done on the egg and its maturation process.

Unless someone show me notes or scholarship to the contrary, this is what happened. It makes us all look like a bunch of jackasses.

“But she sent monsters to attack us before we found the egg”. Did she? Or are those just nonsentient beasts wandering looking for food. Sure looked like wildlife to me. I’m told someone requested more wildlife form the White City? If someone can confirm that I’d appreciate it.

Also, as a note, as far as I can tell, there is nothing in this multiverse that can’t be killed, so don’t try to scare people with the word “immortal” or “invincible” or “ultimate power”. There’s no such thing. If the Forest stands after The Age of Flesh, The Nightmare Host Apocalypse, Lava Day, and a collision with a antithetical multiverse, it will stand if “Momma gets real strong”. We’re clever enough to survive whatever the hell that actually means.

The long, tall, and short of it is I will not be accepting what Im told unless myself or someone I implicitly trust are in the inquiry. Like…written notes and all. I intend to do an investigation with the other skilled diplomats at our earliest convenience next gather on how to smooth this over. If the entire Empire wasn’t about to be overrun by a demon army I’d handle this myself, but Aurellia has been kind enough to take the lead on this. While the tiger was not interested in words, The Mother might be. After all, the new “child” is free roaming now and has will of its own.

Kur has every right to not want to raise a sword for this. This was foolishness coupled with misinformation. I’m not particularly interested in fighting another giant monster because those who took point on this were more interested in playing house than doing their diligence. Attack my honor if you wish, I have none. I won’t be looking at the tree again, so if you feel you must do the usual point by point “takedown” of my thoughts, sack up and come to me privately. As a note…if I see any member of Defiance threatening to kill another without a great reason, I will simply make you feel bad publicly until you apologize. Not here though, most everything said on this tree is grandstanding nonsense (I GOT JOKES).