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Brian Stagg

Actually….I was there and she did say she was the best for the Egg. She also did say that you shouldn’t keep it because you might break it. So Clover you are right on that part.

But I am digressing here.

To be honest…I am not sure WHO is at fault anymore. Maybe it is all of us? There are certainly enough aspects to keep the finger pointing going for a long while.

Though I stand by my statements – I simply wanted to point out the errors. Maybe it is the Summer in me…and maybe I have become the Jerk you talk about in reference to Summer Clover.

But again this is not me bashing anyone. So let’s move forward here. Let’s look at the major issues we have to deal with this.

1. We have a child/bird that well is…a situation. It is probably easy to say that this situation is going to divide the town in some for or fashion. So that is an issue. To be honest this is one of those ‘how do we work through’ versus ‘let’s get everyone to work together!!’ So the diplomats have at it on this one.

2. Justice. I am just leaving this one as is. When I came to the forest a year ago I heard someone mention that Justice was ‘off’ in some way. Who knows what they meant – that person isn’t here anymore. Hell they could have meant that someone did something in the name of Justice and they didn’t like the result. But if Justice is off kilter or incorrect for the sake of being incorrect….then I would suggest us research people put our collective heads together and figure it out.

3. The Lion. I am with Demetri. He asked a question and no one really has answered it. WHY did Aktosh not kill the Lion? What did Justice say to him that made him do what he did? Can anyone answer that? Or are we going to be living in blissful ignorance and forget about it and not research it and let it bite us later? Did anyone on the front line hear the reasoning? Or has it been lost in the translations here and someone said it. I heard someone say I think ‘Justice is testing us…’ or something to that extent? Interesting choice words…and if that is the case and this was said…what makes you think that or what do you know that hasn’t been stated?

4. What Now? Ladies and Gentlemen….the sheer idea of ‘oh we will just fight whatever comes…’ cannot be a solution to all things anymore. We lost two of the best fighters we had last gathering. So we as a town need to really start understanding what everyone is capable of and utilizing us to the full potential.


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