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Brian Stagg

I am having a fun time listening to all of this. But, I feel like I need to speak here – as I have been told that I am quiet and I do not say enough to be noticed. But because I am quiet – I listen….ALLOT. To be frank I am going to probably anger some people in talking – but this needs to be said. I will also explain myself in everything I say. Furthermore, I will be taking statements that some have been saying and responding to them as well so please note that this will not be in any particular order. Also, please know I will be referring to Primrose as such. Not out of rudeness – but it would be inaccurate to say any other name.

STOP IT!! all of you. This sort of talk can serve no purpose but to divide us even more

Kodah – you know me and you know I am pretty honest with my statements and you also know I have backed you multiple times on multiple things. But, I cannot back you on this one. This sort of talk actually NEEDS to happen. When I arrived here a year ago – I was specifically told by people (some who I admit are no longer here) that conflict in the group is bad and was not allowed. I was told that to disagree with someone would lead to turmoil and issues. Well – one could argue that is happening right now. However, allow me the chance to state another idea here. So we are not allowed to have conflict or be vocal against an opinion or idea. Well, what do you guys think happens to those feelings? People bottle them and swallow it for lack of a better definition. That really is a bad thing to do because it gives a person the chance to think about it more and more and become more and more upset. This will happen until something so bad happens that it boils over and well then you get really bad strife and turmoil. I personally think conflict and disagreements and arguments – when done correctly (not for the sake of just doing them I mean) actually lead to a better understanding over the issue at hand. Yes you might be mad that someone said something negative – but that person has a RIGHT to say something.

Raise a blade for your own cause then, and do not expect mine.

Kur-Uk-Ra – I will admit that you and I have butted heads once before after the Conspiracy in April. However, I can say with all honesty I am over it and have moved on. You were not wrong with what you said…but neither was I. However – YOU LISTENED to what I said…and by my said you were not wrong – I was as well. Now, I say all of this because I read your statement and it made 100 percent sense because I LISTENED. You do not find Quickpetal to be a cause you can follow. No issues here. I stated from day one that the egg was a bad idea – so in this situation, we are aligned. Thank you for stepping up and stating your opinion in this…because someone needed to start that path.

Well, there’s your answer. I’m not sure what it says about us that we should doubt the thorough investigation powers of our learned friends and neighbor…

Wow…where to even start with this statement Enoch. Tali actually answered most of my same opinion here

I would like to remind people that anytime we get a few of us together to investigate things there is always the chance for misunderstandings or even the wrong conclusion being drawn from the results of our collective brain power. Things can shift and alter what we find in reality. Then again.. sometimes we just don’t think to ask ourselves the right question. Things happen. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes there is no good choice and we just have to pick the best one.

I know this is not an excuse – but it is very accurate. You get enough people in a room and you tell them something I can almost 100 percent guarantee that the three people will get three different ideas about what is said. This is why anytime I have ever done an investigation- I tell as many people as I can what I heard and what I am thinking because someone might see it in a different light or idea. So yes – questioning our learned friends is QUITE ALRIGHT. If anyone says they take anything at face value then they are a fool.

I am going to follow up on Enoch’s comment –

…to turn tail and begin to be swayed by the arguments of a fallen enemy

Enoch, you and I were not on the front lines. I have no idea what was said – if anything. I am sure that our front line fighters would tell us if we would ask (and know I am now asking what the Tiger said – if anything). Alembic is right in a statement he made about an action being bad does not make the person bad. Is the Tiger really bad? Is what he said a lie or the truth? I don’t know – more research needs to be done here. However, Alembic did say a very key word in his comment as well ‘…is doing anything to try to harm others.’ The word is TRY. I do not assume that any of you are waking up and thinking ‘how can I endanger other or screw the town?!’ I will say that we all have motives and we all have goals…and that sometimes we will place that desire to accomplish the goal over anything else. Again…does that make us overall evil? Not really…it just really makes us mad at you for overstepping a boundary for your personal gain. And before anyone wants to say I am wrong…I have seen this now at LEAST 4 times in the last year happen so please do not try to tell me it doesn’t happen in the town.

Now…I am moving to the severe heart of this matter – the entire egg. This is and was a debacle and we are going to have to clean up the mess. Primrose is to blame for a lot of this. Hear me out…I do not think this was nefarious of her or anything like that – but I do think she mislead…maybe even lied. It probably would be easier to say she simply put her goals in front of the town and everyone else – which is wrong. Let’s start with this comment that Clover said.

Primrose took it from me then since she said She was the Best for Taking Care of it. I fight things Very Well, but I don’t know about Eggs, so I Gave it to Her.

OK! This is good! Clover fully admits he doesn’t know anything about eggs. So he gave it to someone who told him that THEY were the BEST for TAKING CARE of it.

Where am I going with this – well…please read what Dahila states:

Why would a simple fairy who knows nothing of motherhood, isn’t magically attuned, and lives to seek out truth in all knowledge attempt to deceive the place that she has just come to live? You take the word of a creature over that of one of your own.

Well now, this is interesting. Well I am not taking the word of a creature over your own. I am taking the word of Clover. Clover stated that Primrose said that she was the best for taking care of it…and now Dahila is stating that Primrose that knows nothing of motherhood and isn’t magically attuned. I would call this a contradiction. You cannot have her cake and eat it too. She tells one person she is the best for the Egg and then when things go south suddenly is inept. This contradiction is called a lie – regardless of how it was intended.

Now here is some more interesting news about Primrose that some might not know. Some of the town told her this was a terrible idea for her to be the mother of egg. She took this opinion as an attack on her abilities and acted the part. She also followed up by telling these people she ‘read a book and knew how to be a mother.’ Again this statement was stated matter of fact and could have been assumed it was dismissive of the notable hesitation these people had. So again…’I read a book therefore I know everything – I.E. I am the best person for the job’ and dismissing peoples concern – cannot suddenly become ‘oh the fairy was inept and not right for the job’ when the situation did not go they wanted it and others are not upset. Sorry…again cannot have the cake and eat it too.

But let’s go ONE STEP further here because I want to and it needs to be addressed. As I was actually present when this happened – I can state this as a matter of fact. I have no reason to lie and I think the people who actually know me in town know I have never attacked or personally attacked anyone out of malice. Do I point out reasoning I think makes no sense? YES…but I digress. I can confirm that Primrose stating she got the egg in April is correct. However, what isn’t talked about is when information was given about the egg the FIRST time. So for those who do not know or have forgotten, a situation happened in April and a Conspiracy occurred that Sunday. Well, needless to say many people were on edge about the entire situation after it happened. Many were upset and thanks to some – like Simon, Kur-Uk-Ra, and yes even Aurelia – the situation was explained and explained to a point where the anger and frustration resided (again thank you for that). Well, during this Chaos is when Primrose decided it was the correct time to tell everyone about the egg. This led to maybe 3-5 people actually listening to what had to say about it – because as stated, the rest were trying to get their heads around the Conspiracy. Primrose seemed to take offense to the fact the Conspiracy was focused on more than the egg information. I know this because I heard her get upset and say that if no one would listen then she wouldn’t tell anyone. She kept true to her word – because the only people she stated had do any research or ask any questions concerning the egg about were the 3-5 people who apparently listened in the first place.

Now, this might seem like I might be contradicting facts here with a few statements that was said. Tali said this:

I did not spend any time researching the Egg, the Mother, nor the Siblings. Sarastivasi did not do research either as she’s almost always helping me with my studies. I did not participate in any investigation into the Egg itself. Sarastivasi did not participate in any of them either, she merely lent an item she has to be used which would reveal one thing that was not asked (but should have been) and its answer.The only thing I did in regards to the Egg was help Louise look at the artwork that was revealed to be a depiction of the Mother of Monsters and symbolic representations of her Children.

OK now I am a tad confused here on this. I know that both Tali and Sarastivasi were two of the people who listened to Primrose talk in April. But Tali is saying that they did not help with research. This is OK and I am not attacking them! But…Primrose stated repeatedly that she and ‘others’ were researching the egg. Who was helping Primrose? Please speak up on who was because I am super curious. I say this because the more and more I keep looking at the facts…the more and more it seems that Primrose might have been just telling people what they wanted to hear? Again I am not her – but facts are facts and these facts are not adding up for me.

The last fact I am going to state here is something I take a lot of offence to.

First off, Primrose gave all the information she had to everyone who was there. If you weren’t gathered when she gave the information and you are mad because you didn’t get it, then don’t be mad at her for your own absence.

When was this great meeting called – only once in October? Because I have been to every gathering and I don’t remember Primrose calling people around to talk about the egg –or of she did she was doing it to only specific people and not the group as a whole. I heard her give out bits and pieces information and when people asked for more she blew them off by telling them she and others would do more research…but the questions that were asked were never resolved it seems. Are you suggesting that people who were away for whatever reason (Patrol, working the Tavern, questing with others, etc.) are actually the ones who are responsible for the fact they were not given information? Because, it sort of sounds like that. Are you suggesting that though we knew something was coming – it was the front line fighters fault for not coming and asking for specific information because they might have not been there when you had a meeting? Let’s face it – no one really had any or all the facts to begin with. The comment made is pretty egotistical if you ask me.

Now I am done with my opinion, I encourage that we start talking about what we are going to do with QuickPetal. However, I also encourage people right here and right now take a stand – you are either helping or not in this situation. If you are not helping – well then you are not helping. If you do not deem it a good cause because you feel like you were burned – then speak now. Whoever says they will help – then whoever is handling this – well I suggest you talk to them. However, if you say you aren’t helping – then we as a ‘family’ should respect the decision and let people focus on things they feel they need to focus on. We should not and really WILL NOT force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.

I am stating that I am not helping with this – UNLESS someone wants to try to take away this creature’s free will. If you want to try to teach it to be good – that’s awesome. But if it wants to be bad and you decide that that is wrong and you are going to do whatever it takes to make this creature ‘good’ – then we will have issues. As all of us do – QuickPetal has the right to be what and who it wants to be.


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