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First off, Primrose gave all the information she had to everyone who was there. If you weren’t gathered when she gave the information and you are mad because you didn’t get it, then don’t be mad at her for your own absence.

Secondly, the mention of a “second thing” coming was the results of a divination that Tazmira did before Elias resolved a Collector. Could it be possible that the vision knew the collector planned on showing and then he didn’t? Or perhaps it was just the vision, and things changed in the cosmos. No one lied. They gave the information they had.

ALso, just for a correction… I am not sure where everyone is getting the thing about consuming the other children. That was in no one’s notes and to my knowledge Primrose never told anyone they would be consumed. She said that the children would be “used” for the Mother to gain ultimate power.

On a final note for myself… if you don’t wish to help, no one is forcing you. You were given the information that was available… all of it. You’ve chosen to act like this. I will not ask any more of your for your help with Quickpetal. With any luck, her, her other three siblings, all the little ones (which were attacking our town LONG before the egg was found), and even the mother won’t come and destroy things. So many forget that the reason the egg was kept was to keep this “Mother” from gain ultimate power and destroying us all.

Looks like it’s destroying us all fairly well anyway. Congratulations, you’ve let the bad guys win already.