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Andrew Ulrich

Challenge the honor of this town again, and I’ll kill you myself.

How can you say nothing of value in so many words? I’m not challenging the honor of the town, I’m challenging your honor, whelp. And since you seem so intent on dying feel free to take the first swing. Maybe this time rely on your own skill.

Clover, I am not mad at you. I wasn’t mad at anyone until they started questioning my honor. The point I made was that I would not fight for a cause I found unjust or foolish. Would you?

I pose that question to all of you. Answer it, and don’t qualify your answers: Would you fight for a cause that you found to be foolish?

I see nothing more honorable than protecting a youth from death! All I see here is people arguing if protecting the defenseless is right or wrong! That dragon chose us to be her family, and you want to give it back to a creature that’s only purpose was to devour her! Please don’t talk to me about honor if you wish to throw out the research!

You are clearly a madman. I do not care what you have to say.

FoD Staff