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Kaeli Chambers

Enoch you seem to have misunderstood some things. I did not spend any time researching the Egg, the Mother, nor the Siblings. Sarastivasi did not do research either as she’s almost always helping me with my studies. I did not participate in any investigation into the Egg itself. Sarastivasi did not participate in any of them either, she merely lent an item she has to be used which would reveal one thing that was not asked (but should have been) and its answer.

The only thing I did in regards to the Egg was help Louise look at the artwork that was revealed to be a depiction of the Mother of Monsters and symbolic representations of her Children. I then gave that information to Primrose, including that the Siblings needed to be researched and a plan devised for dealing with them if she planned to go forward with the Egg as it was hinted that they may have weaknesses. The Egg and the details were hers to work out as I already had a full plate, and I do not know if she had anyone spend time outside of Gathers looking into it.

I fully admit that once Louise and I realized what the artwork was depicting, we directed our questions based on what we knew about the Egg at the time. However, we did not conceal information. We did not lie about what we learned. We gave the best information we had.

It is perfectly fine to want to know why things were not as we had expected. I would like to know what happened that skewed things myself. However, what I take issue with is immediately jumping to the conclusion that anyone was being purposefully deceitful or selfish simply because things went sideways. It happens, and when it does we should take a step back and look at it.

Question what happened, but please don’t attack and assume the worst of each other.