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Priscilla Weber

While I like Monster Hunting as much as Twitchy, I usually wait for trouble to find me. And I can’t speak for Kur, but fighting the Tiger wasn’t the issue for me. It was the breakdown of information. Tactics given to the fighters didn’t work whatsoever, there was no secondary “thing” coming to take it away–unless you count the other tigers–so we improvised. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened, but if the information about the tactics was incorrect, what other information was missed or misinterpreted? That is why pause was given. We know enough about the child to fill half of the Great Library, but next to nothing about the Mother, her brood, and her intentions. This isn’t a bunch of fanatics dressed in black coming from a world once so familiar whose trajectory was plain as the moon in the sky.

But I agree with Kodah and Tali: my goal is not to make Louise’s life more difficult. We just fought for the free will of all people in Tacita’s army. There is a fine line between manipulation and influence. What will you do now?


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