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Crane Odari

Kur-Uk-Ra, I am Confused as to Why you are So Mad at Me. Maybe I don’t Get It? I Know some People are Mad because they Got Hurt, and I Understand that. I Hope Everyone knows that if I could have been The One fighting the Tiger, I Would Have. But I don’t see How I was Dishonest or Selfish. I told everyone Everything I knew Every time the Egg came up. I never Lied about Where I got It from.

I like Stuff, that is True, but I have never been Selfish with it if I don’t Need It. In Fact, your Title is that you Keep the Edge of Night, but didn’t I Give You that gem that Helped you get it, and for Nothing at All in Return? I work Hard to Not Be Selfish because that Empowers Greed, and to be Honest, I know the Guy Pretty Well.

Maybe you are Not Used to Family or Community. That’s ok, when I First Got Here, I was confused by it Too. It Took me a While to Figure Out what it meant to Trust other People, especially Mortals. It Doesn’t always make Sense, but People here are Willing to Help other people, even if They are different Clans. I’m not a Smart Folk, but I do Pay Attention to Stuff, and I think we are Both Good Warriors, even if you don’t Think I am. If you want me to I am Glad to explain Community Stuff from my Perspective, maybe that Would Help?

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