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You listened to the words of a fallen enemy — a monster, who wishes us nothing but harm. The information you gleaned was not knowledge, or truth, but propaganda. Those are the words you are choosing to believe: a bitter, fallen enemy, whose weapons were reduced to barbs and nettles.

I was not there when the egg was collected, but all I need to know I have now read, thanks to the meticulous notes of Tali, Sarastivasi, and Dahlia. Look them in the eyes when next you meet and tell them that your experience on the front lines trumps the research that they put into this. Tell them, for you are strong and honorable fighters who are fully capable of telling what is truth and what is lies. You slander them, and you slander one of the best fighters and wilderness survivors I have ever met, Clover.

And you, dweller: I am rash. And I overreact. My mouth is what helped to drive off a Collector who strutted his way into the depths of the Library, merely to find us and devour enchanted books in front of us — books that may very well become living beings one day. When the Collector came to our Gather to exact consequences for my “rash behavior” — well, I take it to mean that you did not bloody your sword for my benefit, or at least you wouldn’t again. It is of no consequence. A man from my world makes his choices most often knowing that his neighbor will not stand with him, and would sooner stab him in the back for his own benefit.

However, my mentors here were some of the last Rocksmen. Challenge the honor of this town again, and I’ll kill you myself.

The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard