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Priscilla Weber

So that is how it will be. I will make note of that; it shall remain on record. Kur-Uk-Ra, keeper of the edge of night, will no longer take up arms against causes that he deems selfish, unworthy of his time, or the problems of an exclusive few. I was there when the claws of Kin-Vok-Rez were restored to him, and we had not a single dweller living amongst us then. The claws were borne by someone not of his world, but invested deeply in its problems — because that’s what we do! So let it also be writ, as a footnote, that his attitude contradicts sharply that which we stand for in Defiance: the strength of all, for the benefit of all! The strength of one need only carry him or her as far as it takes to reach his friends, who are ever close at hand.

Enoch, you were not at the front lines when the tactics we were given crumbled to dust immediately upon contact. It was not the aspiring words of the Tiger that caused us pause to listen, it was the information we were provided by members of Defiance that was not correct. Thus we cut him down, and Aktosh healed him, so that we might garner more information of the situation, and adjust the tactics accordingly.

We still defended your nest, we still defend the people of Defiance, but I believe Kur is also trying to point out that we will not blindly follow people into a fight we do not agree with, especially if the ends do not justify the means. Defiance fought the Collector for your life and your body when you were willing to throw it away. People can still be loyal and disagree with a course of action. Mine was taken from me, but isn’t that what it means to be a “family?”


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