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So that is how it will be. I will make note of that; it shall remain on record. Kur-Uk-Ra, keeper of the edge of night, will no longer take up arms against causes that he deems selfish, unworthy of his time, or the problems of an exclusive few. I was there when the claws of Kin-Vok-Rez were restored to him, and we had not a single dweller living amongst us then. The claws were borne by someone not of his world, but invested deeply in its problems — because that’s what we do! So let it also be writ, as a footnote, that his attitude contradicts sharply that which we stand for in Defiance: the strength of all, for the benefit of all! The strength of one need only carry him or her as far as it takes to reach his friends, who are ever close at hand.

The Famed, Witty, and Wonderful Bard