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Wow, no wonder Primrose changed as she did. In an instant this place seems to turn on its own rather than trust the “family” that you claim to be. Have you asked yourselves if she even had a reason to lie to you, all? Why would a simple fairy who knows nothing of motherhood, isn’t magically attuned, and lives to seek out truth in all knowledge attempt to deceive the place that she has just come to live? You take the word of a creature over that of one of your own. With evil deeds such as this, there must be motivation, yet she is openly judged as though she is no one to this town. Her motives and character even questioned by the very woman who called her “her fairy” when she aligned blindly with those of the Dark Mountains just to help save their world and did all the research she could to help them. Is this the place that Defiance has become?

I have included all of the research and information that Primrose notated before the change. You can choose to believe it or not. Just remember who you are accusing here. Interesting enough, even in the end she told you all that this “Kitty” was very “pretty” and “charismatic”. Seems it only took one stupid cat to turn this town on it’s own. Pity. I thought you were all stronger than that.


“Quickpetal” The Egg

The Egg was obtained during an exploration lead by Elias in the first Spring gather the year I (Primrose) came to the forest. (April 2017)

It was being guarded by some type of creature that appeared to be purple pigs.

At first glance the egg was colored greens and yellows and was scaled.

During this first gather we investigated the egg regularly and found out the following:
it is a magical creature that we have no idea what type of creature it is.
The size it will be and what it will look like is malleable
The act needs tender love and care
The creature on the inside understands what is going on around it.
Both the creature and the shell are magical in nature
The magic of the creature and shell are of no magic that we know of and is primal in nature (this was shown by a force lance 5 it hit me with after the investigation)
The shell could be used for armor after it has hatched, but will take research
The egg is from a shard world
The creature will initially be small, but could become monstrous
The creature is already imprinting with Primrose
It’s base skills are already there, but other skills and traits will form and will be influenced by those who care for it.

After the investigation early on the 2nd day of the gather, we chose to use the Goblin spell “Crafting of Memory” on the egg so that we could speak to it.

What creature are you?

I am a monstrosity and I want to be monstrous

What happens if we break you?

You should love and care for me. I like to be warm. Do not break me.

Will you take care of us if we take care of you?

I will love and care for those who love and care for me.

Who was your mother?

I was laid by my mother, she is very powerful.

How long will it be before you hatch?

A few months

From there Primrose took over care of the egg. She cared for it between gathers. During the time between gathers it changed. The egg, while staying about the same size became much more heavy and dense. The shell also changed colors from the original greens and yellows to hues of red, gray, and black. The scale of the shell stayed the same. Primrose could tell that the egg was bonding closer to her like a mother and child bond during pregnancy.

During the gather (May 2017) we came in contact with more monsters like we had seen before only these were stronger, more sentient, and actually talked to us. The monsters asked directly for the egg and referred to their mother as the “Mother of Monsters” saying it was her egg. These monsters were the colorful monsters that we have been seeing for longer that I have been here. They are colorful animals such as purple pigs, blue lizards, and the like.

We asked one of the monsters what the egg was and it said that it was only a shadow of what the egg was to become. That the egg was the most important monster and referred to it as grand and almost as if it were royalty to the smaller monsters.

After encountering these creatures and knowing they were searching for the egg, we did another investigation. The following information was derived…
Channeling charges may help assist the egg once it starts hatching
The bond it is forming with Primrose is different than an empathy bond or the bond that Dreamers and Earthbound have with their familiars. It is very much a motherly bond.
The egg will be hatching before the year is out.
The creature will be a colossal creature, but the type is still malleable
The creature inside must feel like it is part of Defiance in order for it to be loyal to us
This is a 2nd tier creature, a direct descendant of the Mother of Monsters
When the egg starts to hatch we can expect a large fight of the smaller creatures to come and try to take it.
It will be 1 to 2 years before the creature is fully matured once it hatches.
We must keep the egg away from the monsters coming after it and protect it as though it were a member of town that they were trying to kidnap
Primrose and Clover will help in determining the traits that the creature has as they have taken the positions of mother and father.
The egg likes music and soothing voices, anything like you would treat a baby in the womb. The voices of those caring for it are most soothing. It loves being sung to.
After the egg hatches, the Mother of Monsters will eventually come for the creature inside, so it’s very important that the entire town takes care of the egg and cares for and protects the creature once it is born.

Will the help of Sarastavasi we were able to gain the most important information that we missed.

This is the 4th child in a set of four. It’s the last one being born in the series to give the Mother of Monsters ultimate power.

Shortly after Primrose and Clover gave the creature inside a last name “Quickpetal” which is how we refer to it now. We are hoping that this will help the creature know that in giving it a name we are accepting it as family and part of the town that we are going to love and protect.

Quickpetal was taken to Rakdor’s greater working. When one of the monsters came after me, Clover jumped in front of me to protect me and the egg and exclaimed something about protecting us. I believe it was something along the lines of “Not my baby mama!” After the ritual I helped gather Rakdor’s runes. I placed them in the pouch with the egg and some of Rakdor’s blood got on the egg. I need to remember to see if this in any way changed the egg or Quickpetal.

**We have continued to research and investigated the egg each gather and haven’t obtained any new information other than the fact that everything I’m doing is right and to continue to do so. The hatching should be at the autumn gather.

Autumn Gather

Tazmira cast Stargiven Destinies upon Quickpetal in order to look into his/her future for the next year.

We gained a lot of the same information again.

I specifically asked if what we are doing is causing Quickpetal harm and the answer was no. We are doing this right, just maybe not quite so much magic. (which was later proven by the force lance hiccups)

We were told about the coming year in which the three other siblings will come to visit us and attempt to take Quickpetal away. First there was a large red tiger who was heavily armored, quite strong, and also very “pretty” which we clarified and found it was charismatic. It would talk to us about the situation, but it would ultimately come down to a pretty tough fight with the creature.

There wasn’t much learned about the other two siblings other than one was a pig that was quite venonous and the other was a dog that looked heavily armored and very strong.

Tazmira also got the first glance at the Mother of Monsters. Basically, she was half woman and half snaked, very poisonous, and extremely deadly (which she proved by reaching through the divination and killing Tazmira)

Like the mother the other siblings were also half human and half animal.

We could not define what Quickpetal would be as even at the gather that it was to hatch, it was still forming who it was.

We did gain the knowledge that there would be a major power struggle within Quickpetal between loyalty to the mother and loyalty to us. The best way to insure it’s loyalty to us was to continue to treat is as we have been.

We also learned (as before) that the mother would be coming a year from Quickpetal’s birth to claim him/her.

Investigating Allowing Autumn to Bless QuickPetal

It’s so close to time, but I am going to try to scribbles a few notes

Blessing now is a bad idea as it could cause many problems, however in a year a blessing would be safe.

Dedicating the birth to Autumn would however help because Autumn would give us a relatively safe place or safer place to help the egg hatch. Since 5 of Quickpetal’s guardians are of the Autumn Court, we figured this would be a great idea and are going with that.

There are all kinds of things that the Mother of Blood could give to Quickpetal, but if done now the chances of it causing major issues is way to high. We will wait until a year before looking at this again.

The Birth

It happened. She is here and she is beautiful and scary as I knew she’d be. She tried to attack pretty much everyone, but me, Clover, Sarastavasi, and Aktosh. As with any newborn she was very hungry and while she is trying to come to terms with the world around her she sees basically anything made of “meat” as food. Clover took her to the Autumn court and the hunters there immediately became her friends and “pack” if you will. She will be safe there for the time being and be able to get what she needs in these first few stages of life. After the gather I will go there to be with her and bond with her more. It’s still very important that she feels like one of our own.

Clover, Vasi, and I stayed in the nest with her and sang to her and told her stories of heroism and friendship and family. I even gave her my very first inspiring performance hoping that would put a little more love into her. I was scared that all our preparation wouldn’t work, but it went about as well as I could have hoped though there was some distant yelling I could hear from the nest. I am not sure what that was about, but I will inquire about it in the morning once I have had some rest. Someone said they let the tiger go. All I know is that we will probably have to face him again as well as the other siblings. It scares me, but I know in my heart that what we are doing is right. The Mother of Monsters can’t gain all that power. She will destroy everything if she gets Quickpetal and gains the “ultimate power” that we learned from our research and investigations.

I feel very empty now without her here to care for. I looked up things in my books and apparently there is some human conditioned called “empty nest syndrome” that human women experience when the child they had was taken away or died shortly after birth. I do wish she was here so I could hug her and sing to her like I have for months and months now. Who am I going to read bedtime stories to?


If you have any questions, I am planning on doing further research and investigations on My Child. I will happily relay them to whomever wishes the truth. I am headed to Autumn now to see my daughter. I wish you all well and hope that you can pull yourselves together over this. The last thing that a child needs is to grow up watching it’s family feud over it. I could almost guarantee this could tip the scales of it’s loyalty to us and send it into the arms of the Mother of Monsters. Perhaps that is what the tiger sought to do after all. The easiest way to get Quickpetal to come to the Mother is to have her turn from the family who has already nurtured her.

The Black Dahlia