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Kaeli Chambers

To answer your question, Dmitri. I have not seen any convincing proof that the Mother of Monsters was coming to kill us. The only thing we have is the assurances of the few that were involved. Regardless of which side you claim, the actions of these few should be viewed as selfish and not in the interest of the well-being of the group.

Well, now you have information straight from one of the ones who helped look into this earlier in the year. Also, no, the ait actions should not be viewed as selfish. Selfish would imply that they were purposefully hiding things, knew it was going to turn out poorly, and still chose to do it because it’s what they wanted to do.

I know Clover rather well as we are both members of the same Court. I know Sarastivasi extremely well as I spend most of my time with her helping me research as well as we are Bonded. If either one had even a hint of suspicion that this was not the correct thing to do, they would dealt with it immediately.

At worst, mistakes were made during the times we investigated things. There was no malice or deliberate intention to conceal things.