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Kaeli Chambers

I would not say anyone lied about what the deal was with the Egg. I would not say that anyone was doing anything to purposefully bring harm to the town. I would like to remind people that anytime we get a few of us together to investigate things there is always the chance for misunderstandings or even the wrong conclusion being drawn from the results of our collective brain power. Things can shift and alter what we find in reality. Then again.. sometimes we just don’t think to ask ourselves the right question.

Things happen. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes there is no good choice and we just have to pick the best one.

I helped investigate the Artwork that told us about the Mother of Monsters. I related what information we were able to glean to Primrose. Looking back over my notes I don’t see anywhere where I explicitly wrote that she would come and kill us all, but I certainly remember coming away from the thinking times with that thought. It may even have been an assumption on my part, but at this time it was too long ago for me to clearly recall. Then again, whoever made the artwork may have had some rather heavy bias, in which case any information we got from studying it would be filtered through that hefty bias.

All that said, I do not know if any actual time was put into actual detailed research to cross-check information.

Also.. a bit of a reminder. Justice is Justice. It is not good nor bad. It is not always what is fair. Things are rather clear cut for it. Mother of Monster may be a nasty being.. she may have been looking to eat the little monster.. she may have come after us and killed us all if she got the kid. In the end, we took a child from its mother. That act in and of itself was wrong, even if it was actually the right decision to protect everyone.

Going at each other’s throats over this is not going to help. All we can do is decide what to do from here. A bit of a suggestion, someone take the time to actually look into what went wrong and what will be our best way forward. I mean hitting the books and researching kind of looking into, not the on the fly stuff we usually do. However, I will admit, my plate is rather full right now.