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Crane Odari

Everyone seems really Confused about this, so here is Everything I know, starting from the Beginning. I’m not a Smart Fairy, but I do pay attention to stuff that can Kill all my Friends and the Rest of You. Despite what I Sadly heard some of you Say when You Thought I couldn’t Hear, we Folk do try to Help all the Time and take Care of the Mortals.

I found the Egg a few gathers ago in the Woods, surrounded by Purple Pigs. I thought they were trying to Eat it, so I grabbed it. Primrose took it from me then since she said She was the Best for Taking Care of it. I fight things Very Well, but I don’t know about Eggs, so I Gave it to Her.

We did an investigation and discovered that the Egg belonged to the Mother of Monsters, who was a Bad Thing. She had Four big babies, and if she had all Four, she Would be Unable to be Killed. The Last of the Babies was the Egg I found. We Also Discovered that the Mother would ABSOLUTELY destroy our town and the World and Everything. She wants to Kill and Rule everything. I think that’s a Bad Person, right? That’s worse than Half the Collectors, or Greed. So why let her be Unable to be Killed?

So instead of Killing a Baby Egg, we discovered that we could Raise it. It would get to Pick what it Did, and it Wouldn’t be a Slave or consumed by the Mother. Plus we wouldn’t have to Fight it Later, which you Know would have Happened because it ALWAYS happens. Primrose and Other Smart People did more learning into How to raise the Egg, so we would do it Right. I know I didn’t do this Part since I’m not a Smart Folk, but I know they Got Done, and People told me What They Learned.

I have been here a few Years, and this was Something that we made Sure we were doing Right, over and over again, which we Rarely Do. I’m pretty sure that if Someone had Told Me that the Egg was going to be Super Bad, or we were doing the Wrong thing, I would have Stopped it. Everyone helped to Teach the Egg the Good stuff we do, like being a Town, helping, all of That. When she Hatched, I took her to the Autumn Court, so she could Run with the Pack of Maynyds and hunt and be Safe. They will help teach her what is a Yes to Hunt and what is a No to Hunt. This is better than Me doing it Because they are Better Hunters and better Teachers. If you Know me, figure out How Much it took to Write that.

But Clover you don’t know what Morals are, say some people who Apparently don’t know the difference between Stealing a Sword from Tacita’s Army and ruining a Life Forever, or even what Jokes Are. Those people are Dumb. I Honestly Thought I was doing the Right Thing and it’s Really Easy to Judge when you aren’t Involved at All. I’m Not Too Stupid, I know I can Mess Up sometimes, but I Know I wasn’t Protecting it for Bad or Selfish Reasons.

That’s all I Know about This. I don’t know Why Aktosh wanted to Spare the Monster, I guess Justice Told Him To? Justice doesn’t really seem Good though, and Everyone seems to Forget that Justice is Just Another Thing here, and Maybe doesn’t always make the Right Choice. Even Vex said, nothing is All Seeing, it would be Impossible and Maddening. And Vex would Probably Know.

(All posts pre 5.15.18 are from Clover Quickstrike)