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Chris Peek

I came across a few tidbits about Elothiomel that might be useful to someone. First, we came across people who were building a shrine to him out in the woods. We convinced them they they should go perform and entertain people in Boomtown instead of building shrines, but they left behind some playing cards. A 4 of clubs and a 4 of spades. I’m pretty sure they have some meaning and aren’t just left over from a game. I have the cards if anyone wants to see them, but they look pretty normal to me. Also, while researching something mostly unrelated, I came across the names “Thief Lord” and “Chainbreaker”. All I know for sure is that they are two people who’ve worked together in the past and that one or both of them is a Collector, but “Thief Lord” seems like a good title for Elothiomel. I’ve also heard someone (I think it was Elias) call Elothiomel “the breaker of chains.” Despite that, I’m pretty sure the Thief Lord and the Chainbreaker are two different people. I’m probably not going to follow up on that anytime soon. I stumbled across it by accident, and am not smart enough to get anywhere researching Collectors, but I wanted to pass along at least that little bit of information.