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Priscilla Weber

I met the Wizard, she didn’t remember much of the ordeal, but really enjoyed reading, so I sent her to the Library.

During the fighting after feast, I fought against many of the cultists. One managed to pour maggots into my open wounds, stabilizing me. While fanatical, and clearly calling upon a higher power of some sort, I was thanked for putting him out of his misery. I am not sure as to why someone so devoted would show so much happiness about their final moments, unless they truely weren’t happy serving their master.

There was a lot of Fire magic being thrown, and I was chewed upon by a slower moving abomination. Arrowood, Dimitri, and Pompon have more information on this, as he was infested with this new Plague we had heard of.

Further documentation will be added to the Field Notes of the Legion.


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