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Murphy Maddox

Guys, seriously –

Compared to other Collectors we’ve dealt with (and I assure you this is one of them), Ethiomel the Grasper seems pretty easy to manage. As far as I can tell, “his” boxes are labeled with a symbol that looks a bit like a dunce cap. So, if you find one, you know, maybe don’t open it.

I know it is tempting to go poking at this guy, but how about maybe we hold off until our soul-bound situation is taken care of? I mean, I’m all for adventure and and redeeming Collectors and all, but this doesn’t seem like a great time to bring more heat down on us.

Infiltrating his followers won’t do us much good without a goal. If you want to neutralize this guy, you need to find out what his failing is and what the resolution is. I doubt a bunch of thieving cultists are going to be keen to share that kind of dirt even if they have it, which I almost guarantee they won’t.

If y’all are bound and determined to go poking at this guy right now (though, honestly, Xianovia is a way bigger threat, in my book. This guy steals stuff; she steals fucking thoughts), maybe try figuring out what his deal is. I’d suggest that someone begin researching this guy’s deal, rather than, you know, stealing his stuff or getting involved with his cult. Irritating him might get you or some of us killed, and that shit might be permanent, as for schmoozing with cultists, I’m sure you know what happens when you lie down with dogs.

– Inspector Geieresmythe