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Rockdor, I am glad to hear that you will join us. I was very much hoping that you would. All stories and songs would be greatly appreciated. I believe the two of us could tell some amazing tales of our fallen brethren, the Rock of Storms, and even Ragnarok.

Jacob, The Hybernal is a seasonal power that helps keep Winter in balance. For years we have left socks at the end of our beds and he comes by in the night and leaves us gifts. Through talking to some who have been around a long time and notes from my books since I’ve been here, as well as observing Winter for the past year, I have come to find out that we could be doing a better job. It is my goal to make sure that we do things right and that Winter is properly celebrated as it is the season I am most closely tied to.

As far as decorating, we can cut out snowflakes, hang garland made from sweet smelling trees, and put out colorful lights. Winter is about the spirit of community. As long as we work together joyfully and support each other, it will work out wonderfully.