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Andrew Ulrich

Pumpkin Queen: You bled first for me Rakdor, will you accept my blessing to fight?
Rakdor: Is this gonna fuck up my thing with Winter?
Pumpkin Queen: I don’t know, maybe?
Rakdor looking around at the dire situation: Fuck it. I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it!
Rakdor immediately after the battle: Hey, uh, Pumpkin Queen, I’m ready to give this power up now, can I revoke it myself? Yes? Oh thank the Gods…

Clover: I’m going to kill all of you… except Rakdor. He’s cool.

Not a quote, but the sheer depression of Aktoshvati after he got his bracelet privileges taken away from him by Intervention of Miraculous Cures.

FoD Staff